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A Palm Springs retro vibe where you might least expect it.

We are nestled between the Texas Wine Trail and Enchanted Rock on Tx Hwy 16 where the possibilities for fun, relaxation and adventure are endless.

The sunsets are impeccable and the skies are a bright blue so no need to even wander off the property as it provides a unique resort experience all on its own.

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Blue Skies Retro Resort offers five Shasta trailers with private yards along with additional private bathrooms with vanities and outdoor showers, a pool and a covered pavilion for you to enjoy!

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Feel like escaping it all?? Our weekday prices are on 🔥 right now and you will feel like you are in a different world where relaxation and fun are the only items on the to do list! 🕶www.blueskiesretroresort.com

We 🖤 finding out that a guest’s favorite thing at Blue Skies is their bathroom! Our goal was to create the private bathrooms with as much spa like luxury while holding on to the camping experience. Wellllll, we might have swayed toward the luxury a bit more 🕶 #glamping #saturdayvibes #guestsarethebest